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 Hello friends and happy FRIDAY!! I feel like my head is all over the place today, and I keep making checklist of everything I need/have to do before we head out of town in just a few hours! I am pretty sure I am feeling a little overwhelmed because it’s been SO long since we traveled anywhere, and because their are now three kids to pack for instead of two! But for some reason being at my computer and writing calms my anxious mind down, so here’s brain dump for y’all! 

ONE // 

// I am so excited about Carowinds this weekend, and I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to ride the all the big rollercoasters! Carson and I have watched pretty much every video for every ride online, and we’ve got our list of which rides we are most excited about and want to ride first! Though I am clearly the only one that wants to ride Fury 324! Did y’all know it’s the tallest, longest, and fastest gigo coaster in North America?? 

TWO // 

// I found the cutest stripe coverup online at Walmart! Now I can’t wait for the weather to finally stay warm enough to wear it to the beach!! And on another note these new braided sandals are so good, they are so soft and comfortable, I truly can’t recommend them enough! And you can my new fedora beach hat here

Umm hello target and thank you for making the cutest kids swimsuits ever this year!!! These are the ones that I bought Reese, and I am dying to see her in all of these!! And you for the links to the ones that I bought for Carson click here, and for Taylor’s click here

FOUR // 

// You guys have been so amazing with giving me so many activities and food recommendations for this weekend in Charlotte! And I had several of you ask to please share the recommendations, so I thought I would share the tops ones here incase you missed it on my stories. 



Whitewater Center 

Discover Place Science 


North Italia 

The Cheescake Factory 

Kabutofor Japanese & habachi 

The King’s Kitchen 


And for brunch these were the top 3 




FIVE // 

// And last because it’s Friday I am going to leave you guys with my favorite quote this week! 


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