This and That + (Carowinds Recap)

Mar 22, 2022




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 // I am pretty sure I just found a new favorite brand!!! This Mimi Seabrook dress is hands down one of the most adorable dresses I have put on in a long time! The quality, the fit, the color, and the design are all truly perfect!! So excited to wear this dress Thursday on girls night out!! 

Bakersfield Pink Dress // Stud Earrings // Nude Sandals 

// If you’re in the market for a really comfortable pair of summer sandals that will match everything, then grab these now

The Drop Monika Drop Sandal 

 // Now onto our Carowinds trip… I could lie all day and say it was AMAZING, but that would be just that, a lie!! And gosh I hate being negative because the kids really did have fun, and the rides we were able to ride were really good. We got there as soon as the park opened at 10am and we were able to ride 4 or 5 rides, and after that everything kind of went downhill. I would say about 10-12 rides shut down, and half of them were because of wind, but the other half were due to technical difficulties. I am not sure how we got so lucky but I jumped in line with a few other people when I saw them testing the Intimidator, and they ended up opening it back up and we were able to get on within 5 minutes! And as soon as we got off it shut down again. That was by far the fastest and the coolest rollercoaster I have ever been on. Todd screamed the entire time, and watching and listening to him took all my fears away and I couldn’t stop laughing!! 
So in a nutshell a lot of the rides we had on our list and were really looking forward too shutdown and didn’t reopen, and this caused all the other lines to be super long! Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know incase you are planning a trip there soon. I will say that this was only the second weekend that Carowinds was open since closing for the season, so that could have had a lot to do with it.  We decided to stay at the SpringHill Suites hotel, it’s pretty much inside of Carowinds, and it’s the only hotel you can walk to the park from which I will say was really nice!! And all in all the hotel was pretty decent besides the breakfast buffet. The rooms were clean, comfy beds, and a they had a good snack and soda selection down in the lobby! Plus the sunset was so cool from the hotel, and we loved watching the big rollercoasters from the windows! 

Everyone’s favorite Family rollercoaster Ricochet!!! This was our second ride when we got into the park at 10am, when it opened, and the wait was about 10 min! Everyone loved it so much that later that evening we went to ride it again, and after waiting for over an hour in line they shut it down for technical difficulties. 

Special Fury 324 dippin dots! They were really good btw 🙂 
Both kids second favorite ride, the  Kiddy Hawk

I am not sure if we will go back or not, but I did receive a lot of messages on Instagram saying that  summer is a much better time to go because they have the waterpark open, and have usually worked out all the kinks with the rides! 

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