Guess who is coming to our house tonight???

Dec 19, 2009




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That is right SANTA!!!! Look at my sweet baby, he loved Santa! I know that all you are probably wondering why in the world Santa is coming a week early? We travel to my parents and my in laws for Christmas, so we wanted to go head and do our Christmas with Carson at home!

Tonight Todd and I baked cookies for Santa, read The Night before Christmas, and put Carson in his cute Christmas PJ’s! We are so excited about tonight!!!!! We cant wait to put all his little gifts out and watch him in the morning to see his reaction. I know he is only 11 months, but this boy gets excited about trucks! That is the only thing that Iam going to tell you tonight that he will be getting in the morning! I will post pics tomorrow of everything he got! (which isn’t that much since he is not even 1 yet ha!

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  1. Brandi says:

    Oh, how fun!!! Can't wait to see what Santa brings!!!!


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