Happy Birthday Taylor!

May 4, 2018




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I cannot believe our baby is SIX years old today!! 
Taylor, I hope you know just how proud you make your mommy, daddy, and big brother! 
Your smile and spunky personality always light up a room! You are so strong-willed and fearless. The strong-willed part isn’t always easy on us, but I know that’s the part of you that will move mountains one day. 
You are very caring and always make sure everyone is included. You hate to see anyone with their feelings hurt, and we can already see that you’re that friend who always tries to make your friends feel better if you ever see them down. 
You give the best hugs and kisses, and you are a total mama’s girl. I know one day this will probably change, so I’m soaking it all up for as long as I can. 
With that said, don’t get me wrong…you LOVE your daddy and he loves you so much. You know you have him wrapped around your little finger (and have since day one). 
You are so silly and your favorite thing to do is make people laugh. This sometimes gets you in trouble (at school mainly), but your teachers always tell us you never act out with ill intention.
You are so artistic and have a true talent for drawing and painting. We were so proud to watch you accept an art award and have it framed on the school wall this year. Your big brother was pretty proud as well, and I still remember your sweet little face light up when he said, “Wow Taylor, that’s really awesome that your art is on the wall…that is a big deal and only the really talented kids get on there.” You look up to Carson so much and you two have a close bond that I hope you never lose. 
So here’s to wishing you the happiest sixth birthday ever my beautiful daughter! You are a ray of sunshine that completes our family. We all love you so much Tay bean! 

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  1. What a special little girl, and such a wonderful mama. Both so blessed!
    Happy 6th birthday Taylor x


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