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Aug 12, 2013




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I really wish I could say hello to you and sincerely be happy about it. But you see on Monday daddy goes back to work and that means no gorgeous days at the beach like we had yesterday.  I say boo to that!!
But lets all stay positive this week. This is, all jokes aside, something I have been trying really hard to do. It’s so easy to let the little things in life stress you out and steal true joy from you. So I have made it my new mission to look or at least try to focus on the bright side of every situation and enjoy all the minutes life gives us. Whoa that was kinda deep for 7:00 am on a Monday 😉 But really look at the joy in the sandy, I mean really sandy sweet face!

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  1. Happy Monday! I found your blog through the Five on Friday link up and love it. I just looked through your home tour and girl, gorgeous! You need to come and give me tips.

    Love these sweet pictures and glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a precious, sandy baby! How is it that they manage to get sand in every crevice on their bodies!?

  3. So true on it being hard to stay positive! I feel like I'm counting down until school starts back, but then feeling guilty for wishing this time away! Oh well….it all gets better at happy hour, right?

  4. Unknown says:

    that sandy face is priceless!!

  5. Julia Ryan says:

    cuties! I hear you about Monday. Matt and I have been having so much more fun with the kids lately. Maybe it's because they're getting older and easier to take out of the house without a meltdown.

  6. Happy Monday! I seriously dread waking up with no daddy around all day! But that sandy little face is SO precious it makes up for it!

  7. I will never understand how all that sand never bothers little kiddos. Just too cute!!!

  8. Tess says:

    I can always use a reminder to be positive and joyful – even on normal, mundane days.

    I love that picture of the two babies napping in the shade. Such perfection!

  9. Unknown says:

    Sometimes not easy, but how could you not smile about that sandy mug? Too cute!

  10. Mondays are tough, I always get the Sunday blues sad that the weekend is coming to an end!


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