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It may actually be winter, but you better believe I am still tossing on my shades before heading out the door with the way the sun’s been shining around here. 
These sunglasses aren’t just any shades you see, they are what I like to call my “glam winter shades”. These are the sunglasses that I can wear with jeans and a sweater, but I can also toss them on with any dress no matter how formal or casual the event. 
I can’t decide which part I love more, the sleek cat eye shape or the adorable Kate Spade bow.  Let’s just go with both 🙂 
And this dress, oh this dress… lured me in with the polka dots. 
And then I realized the polka dots were just the beginning. 
You know that dress you slip on and you immediately want to spin and twirl!?!? 
Well, maybe that’s the the child in me, but I just couldn’t resist. 
And don’t forget the perfect scent to toss in your bag.  Live Colorfully and Walk on Air are two of my favorite scents, so I was so happy to see them both available in the perfect travel size. 

Outfit Details 

Below you can shop more of my favorite glam shades and twirl worth dresses 🙂 
And wanna know another little “big secret”??  Kate Spade just announced their Surprise Sale today!!!
The prices are insane y’all, and the baby and toddler collection is so, so adorable! 
(Click the link to shop the item)
Photography by Kim Graham 
Thank you Kate Spade for partnering on this post. 

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