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Nov 12, 2014




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I am so excited to share with you guys a few peeks around our home, especially since I had a little help from my friends over at Lulu and Georgia
I am pretty sure there is not one thing in that store that I wouldn’t love to have in my home. They really have it all. They have rugs, pillows, art, lighting, and even furniture. 
Okay, enough rambling, lets get to the fun stuff shall we! 
My dining room rug would have to be hands down my favorite piece from them. 

 How gorgeous are the colors in this rug?!  And the slate pillows aren’t bad either 😉 

I am almost positive I’ve never shown you guys this little corner. I am guessing you could call it the entry way to our upstairs living room, or maybe just the wall before you enter our living room 😉   Either way, this pretty little gold urchin makes me smile. 

Our back door is a much happier place with this Zeno rug

Our guest room got a fun pop of gray with these chevron ikat pillows. You can never have too much chevron and ikat in your life 😉 

Last, the little spot I spend so much of my time. I can not tell you guys how much I love having all these little notebooks. I am old school when it comes to writing things down. I make a list for EVERYTHING!!

Thank you so much Lulu and Georgia for allowing me to work with you guys on this fun collaboration! And thank you guys for allowing me to share with y’all a peek into our home!
See below for details on all the items used in every room. 
Dining room- Pari Rug c/o size 6×9 // Inca Pillow c/o
Up stairs entry way – Bright gold urchin c/o 
Breakfast nook- Zeno rug c/o in navy.
Guest bedroom- Chevron ikat pillows c/o
Photos by Kim Graham
(There are no affiliate links used in this post.)

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  1. Unknown says:

    gorgeous! i love your living room wall color, that blue is so pretty. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  2. Unknown says:

    beautiful!!! do you take into consideration living with a man when decorating? gender neutral? I think I need some tips in that area…I'm slowly decorating, but need help with balance of not getting too girly! or, does your husband not really notice?

  3. Unknown says:

    All such pretty snaps…love Lulu & Georgia!!

  4. You have such a gorgeous, bright, airy home! I love all of the pretty Lulu & Georgia stuff you've added. The rug is perfect!

  5. Your home is lovely and I really like the little eating area in your kitchen with the settee and chairs. Very cozy and inviting! 🙂

  6. You know how I feel about your house….. It's amazing!!! Love all of your touches and your new rugs!

  7. So in love with your dining room rug! Gorgeous photos – love the way you styled everything!

  8. JMO says:

    Your spaces are ah-mazing! I'm still so head over heels for that dining room rug! xoxo

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! You have impeccable style! 🙂

  10. Unknown says:

    I LOVE it all!! Your desk arrangement is perfection!!

  11. Looks great and I LOVE your new breakfast table light! That peak of gold is divine!!!

  12. Katie says:

    beautiful home! I looked through the rest of your home pics too! can you please tell me where your son's bedframe and monogrammed comforter are from?! thanks! :))

  13. So chic and beautiful! I love your dining room rug too. So pretty and elegant.

  14. caycee says:

    Hey Katie! Thank you so much!! The bed frames were a craigslist find and the monogrammed comforter is from PB and I had it locally monogrammed 🙂

  15. caycee says:

    Haha so funny Erika when I read your comment I was in the car with my husband 🙂 So I said hey Todd what do you think about the decor in our house, do you think it's girly. He laughed and said I have no idea I never think about it. Haha so yep he apparently doesn't notice 😉

  16. Katie says:

    wow, nice craigslist find! thanks 🙂

  17. All looks awesome – I love the little touches x

  18. Unknown says:

    well that works then! haha love it thank you!

  19. Jamie Wells says:

    beautiful! where did you get your curtains?

  20. How pink is the rug? Could it be mistaken for a faded red? I ask because I love it, but I'm not sure I can sell my husband on a pink rug! I'd love your take on it.


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