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Feb 13, 2014




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“La Señorita Jolie”, in other words, “A pretty girl”
I am so excited today to share a new clothing line that I was just introduced to! 
If you like being comfy and I mean really comfy while still looking chic, then keep on reading! I am not joking when I say I have worn the sweatshirt non-stop. Carson actually said the other day, “mommy you must really love that shirt,because you wear it all the time”. 

And can we talk about the scarf for a minute. Pink + leopard = perfection!

These clothes are all cotton/knit, and personally, unless I have a hot date that is what you will find me in. I would easily compare this line to one of my favorites like Softe Joie for a fraction of the price! 

As if you needed another reason to love this line, but you can also wash {like in the machine} all their clothing!
So go check out the entire line here, I promise you will not be disappointed! I can’t wait to grab a few more pieces for summer!! 

“La Señorita Jolie” is about simplicity, pretty things, and most importantly cherishing your beautiful life.

I can not wait to wear this tunic this summer with flip flops! Or I could dress it up with some sexy heels 😉 

So this last picture as embarrassing as it is, I have to share and  keep it real. I was telling Taylor it was “eww yuck” where I was standing so she wouldn’t come crash my “photo shoot” in the backyard! Ha! Life with kids 😉

* O yeah, and while you’re shopping  get yourself some free shipping with the code LSJ-HWH*

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  1. Tiffany says:

    These pictures are so cute!! I love that the line is cotton. I want to be cute, but it still be a practical piece! 🙂

  2. Great find!! Mom friendly clothes AND cute!

  3. Kristin says:

    I'm loving that tunic! Thanks for sharing! I can't remember how tall you said you were but do you think it's too short to wear as a dress? I wanted to get it for Spring and wear with cute sandals but I think I'm a little taller than you (5'5). Thanks for sharing!

  4. I spend 98% of my days in cotton and I'm always looking for a way to make it look more like realy clothing and not just sweats! This is great!

  5. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I need that sweatshirt. For real. Love it. I have back problems and I am going to have surgery next week, so this would be perfect to lounge in while still looking cute. Headed to the website right now. And I love that last pic of you 😉

  6. Could you be any cuter?!? #no

  7. Unknown says:

    Love that scarf so much that I just ordered it! Let your readers know that I found if they use this code: LSJ-QCS, they get FREE shipping! xoxo


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