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Feb 12, 2014




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So Todd has been asking me daily to please tell him something that he can get me for Valentines Day. I keep telling that punk to get me a boat, but he just smiles and carries on. I kid, I kid. But really I do love a good present, but I am not big on surprises! This sounds bratty I know but I am picky and I know what I like. So, I told him I would list three things that I have really been wanting and that he could, if he pleases, surprise me with one! Best of both worlds right!! Oh and honey if you choose the shoes I take a 6.5 😉

Untitled #6

Pink Pumps // Mini Bow Stud // Nest Passion Candle

And a few other things that are most definitely on my wishlist are………….

*Draped Thermal Hoodie*
So as much I love to dress up in skinny jeans and pumps, I also love a good cardigan and leggings. I absolutely adore this one, and with this crazy weather we are having I can see myself living in it!It also comes in black and shadow.

Hunter Kids First
I have gone back and forth, back forth on whether to grab these up for Taylor. Then I discovered these mini welly socks just like mine, and I knew they were meant to be. Plus, poor Tay asks for “wet boots” like bubba’s every time it rains (which lately is a freaking ton). I have seriously been living in my Hunter boots this winter! {um heads up y’all, all jokes aside I just hit the checkout button for these little pink boots, and bam they send me an email telling me to check these out!! Wtf they are 40% off in the purple! I have decided though to keep the pink, as I know she will wear that color more. But though I would let you guys know you can grab up some mini hunters for $29.98} Maybe I’ll grab the size up for next year 🙂

*Orchard Gem Watch*
Totally in love with this watch, and even more in love with the price tag!! The best feature is the adjustable length on it. I have the smallest wrist and can never find one that fits.

Guess who is finally upgrading her phone next month!! Whoop Whoop!! I could literally cut flips I am so excited about this! As soon as I spotted this case, I knew it had to be mine! I mean gold stripe perfection!
{speaking of Kate Spade, they are having a huge surprise sale right now. 75% off, and they have some crazy good stuff. Really wanting this walletthese heels, this bag, and this for diapers and wipes}.

O my goodness y’all when I saw this dress!! How amazing would this be at a baby shower, wedding shower, church, or even a picnic in the park (if you’re into things like that). Ha! But really take a look at the back. Swoon.
(Wouldn’t this be the perfect dress for Taylor’s second birthday)?

PS Thank y’all all for the love yesterday on my what I wore post! You sure know how to make this mama feel good 😉 Those damn pictures can be so uncomfortable, luckily my photographer Todd always make me laugh while taking them. (Unless I am  yelling at him for taking a bad shot ). 

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  1. Love that dress! I hope you get all three valentine'a gifts! My husband surprises me with a new dress every Mother's Day and I'm starting to think he has better taste than me.

  2. Do you ever check out Nordstrom Rack? The one by me always has little Hunter Boots!! xox

  3. caycee says:

    Man I wish we had one 🙁 I have to do all my shopping online from Nordstrom!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'll take the earrings if you get 'em and decide you don't like them 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Hunter Boots!

  6. Jodi says:

    I want purple Hunter boots for my little girl!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love the draped thermal hoodie. I've never tried a Nest candle but I've heard they are wonderful.

  8. I need that cozy hoodie! I have been cleaning out like crazy and have realized I got rid of nearly all my comfy, drapey cardigans (they were all starting to get pretty worn..). You and Taylor are also going to be adorable in your matching Hunters!


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