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May 13, 2015




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// Todd and I have a new niece!!!  Isn’t she the most adorable baby ever!  I can’t wait to get my hands on her and kiss those sweet cheeks!  Oh my goodness, how I love a newborn.  Congrats Jamie and Luke!!

// Speaking of newborns, Taylor is starting to sleep like one!  I don’t think the child has slept through the night in over two months.  She wakes up crying out for ‘milky’, or for her blankets to be put back on.  Someone please tell me at age three this is normal?!?  She’s lucky she’s so darn cute 🙂 
// Todd and I are huge fans of Revenge!  Is it true that Sunday’s episode is the last one ever?!?  I’ve tried Googling to find the answer, but it doesn’t say for sure?!?!  Jack Porter, I will miss you so much, oh yeah, and you too Emily/Amanda 😉 
// I have fallen into another cooking rut.  Life has been so crazy the last few weeks, and I’ve just reverted back to cooking all of our usuals.  Both Taylor and Carson are extremely picky eaters, so when I try a new recipe, I usually try to find one that the entire family will eat.  Nothing is more frustrating (to me at least) than spending time in the kitchen on a new meal, and then the kids not eating it! If you haven’t noticed, we are big chicken eaters around here!  This teriyaki chicken looks easy and delicious! 
// We have Carson’s school Gala this Saturday evening.  It’s adults only, and they are raffling off some amazing gifts!!  I am so proud of Carson’s class basket, it’s pretty amazing you guys.  I secretly want to bid on that one, but I know Todd is all in for the golf cart or the kayak.  My sweet friend, Brooke, who is the owner of For Posh Sake was so sweet, and she donated a gift card and sand spikes for his basket.  Brooke just added tons of fun new stuff in her store, like this monogram jewelry box and stripe brush

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  1. Girl, I love love loved Revenge!!! I think the last episode was this past Sunday 🙁 It was a good one though 😉 Now to find a new show to be obsessed with lol!

  2. Unknown says:

    Love Revenge and yes, that was the last one. It was wild right! Love forposhsake too! Just received the bev2go cups to take for my girls on my Bach party next weekend! And maybe one for myself!

  3. Hmmm. We are revenge fans too but apparently a bit behind. Ooops. I did hear earlier this year that this was the season finale.


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