Top 10 Summer Dresses

May 12, 2015




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When summer rolls around you will find me in a dress of some sort pretty much 90% of the time. They are easy to toss on, they feel great in the hot sticky sun, and they are an instant outfit.  That being said, the summer heat has officially arrived here in Charleston…today’s high is 90 degrees!!!  
So, I’ve rounded out my top 10 summer dresses.  Most of them are under $100.00, except for this first one below, but wouldn’t you agree that it should get a pass, because it is so stunning!! 
I spotted this dress in the VV store downtown last week, but they didn’t have my size!  I was so excited to see it on Nordstrom this morning…in all sizes!!  It’s not exactly cheap, but man is it gorgeous! 
In love with the pom-poms on this coverup!  The color is so pretty and the price is just right as well! 
I knew when I saw this dress online I needed to grab it up!  When I tried it on I thought it needed a little something to add to it.  So, I paired it with my beckett belt, and it instantly gave it a new look. 

Need this, want this, so very bad!  Now, to decide which color?!?!

Hold the phone!!!  Can you believe this dress is only $44.00!?  Such a fun, flattering cut! 
So I am pretty sure this is supposed to fit like a midi, but on shorty over here, it falls to a full maxi!  I also like that you can wear it both ways for two different looks. 

I am not usually a red person, but this dress is so beautiful, and also a good price!  I think with a tan, it would be a knockout! 

Love this dress even more in person!  It comes with a removable slip, so it’s perfect for a night out, or to toss on as a coverup! 
Perfect toss on chambray dress.  This can be worn to so many different occasions. 
This one is similar to the one I am wearing above, but I love how this one has the embroidered detail covering the entire front! 

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  1. I love the blue dress WITH the belt. It looks fabulous and defines your waist!

  2. caycee says:

    Oh thank you so much girly!! xoxo

  3. caycee says:

    Thanks Helen!! Aren't they all awesome 🙂


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