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Good morning friends, and happy Monday!! We have had a very eventful (and fun) winter break, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t over it and ready to be back on a routine! 
But back to the fun…
On New Year’s Day, Todd and I hosted our 5th annual New Year’s Day lunch. In the past, we’ve always celebrated out at Folly after the polar bear plunge, but our friends that used to host sold their house so Todd and I were more than happy to keep the tradition going and host at our house. 

Beanie // Sweater // Jeans // Booties (50% off) 
Love these sweet kids so much, and I was shocked that they all ate the traditional New Year’s Day food this year. Normally, we make them hot dogs, but we all agreed that we should make them eat the good stuff this year 🙂 
// And you guys, I still can’t get over ALL the snow!! Last Wednesday was seriously the best day, and it was so fun and magical to watch as all the snow just kept coming down. 

 Beanie // Sweater // Puffer Jacket (60% off) // Leggings // Hunter Boots (30% off) 
After our fun day on Wednesday and staying up way too late….this is how we all felt on Thursday 🙂 
// By Saturday, we were ready to get out and play again, and we even found a good spot to sled. And thankfully another family that had the same idea was there with a legit sled and they let us play on it with them. Our boogie boards that we brought were a total bust…ha! 

// And thankfully, most of the restaurants were starting to open again on Saturday so we also went out to lunch at one of our favorites spots, Dog and Duck! 
What I wore, because it was still FREEZING outside!! 
Beanie (only $15) // Waffle Knit Top // Luxe Vest // Leggings (obsessed) // Hunter Boots (30% off)
On Saturday evening, our kids literally passed out in our laps while watching a movie before 9pm. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. And Todd and I left them like that for over an hour while we finished the movie. 
// And last, Todd and I snuck away for a date night early yesterday evening to go to the movies. We were supposed to fit in grocery shopping for Whole 30, but we were starving and tired after the movie so we hit up Basil for one last indulgent meal. 
If you haven’t already, go see the movie, Molly’s Game. It was phenomenal. 
What I wore 
Pullover runs a little snug, and for sizing reference, I’m wearing the small. 

Okay, now I’m finally off to go hit up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to stock our empty fridge. And I know a lot of you wanted to know what all I end up getting, so make sure you follow along later today on Instastories! 

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