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Apr 19, 2016




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// First off, Saks has an awesome Thank You Friends and Family Sale going on right now!!  All women’s Lilly Pulitzer is on sale here! And all of their designer jeans are marked down too!!! 
Also, my Stacey blouse is also included in the sale! 
And the little girls selection is the cutest ever!  I picked up this swimsuitthis dress, and this strawberry raincoat for Taylor! 
And if Taylor could still fit into bubbles this one would be on its way to me! 
// This past Friday, Todd and I decided to take the kids to see The Jungle Book.  Before the movie, Carson and Taylor took in every preview and the asked if they could go see each one.  Anyway, as far as The Jungle Book, I was a little worried that it might scare Taylor based on what the previews were saying, but it didn’t scare her one bit.  Carson and I were actually the only one’s who jumped during the move…haha!  It really was a wonderful movie with such a great story.  We all loved it! 
On Saturday morning, we took Carson to his baseball game!  I can’t even explain how excited and proud I feel while watching him play!  All three times he came up to bat the bases were loaded with two outs and Carson got a hit every single time!! 
Later on Saturday afternoon, Todd and I headed out with our favorite crew to The Southern Ground Music & Food Festival. 

I look forward to this every year.  I love this group so much and we always have the best time together!  The music, the food, and the company always make it a day to remember!  I will say they could have used a few more porta potties because I swear, at one point ,Todd and I waited in line for close to an hour!  As always, The Zac Brown Band made up for the long potty line and killed it with every song.  And I must admit, my favorite is when they bust out the Bohemian Rhapsody!
My outfit Details 

// I am pretty sure my body is getting way too used to never sleeping through the night!  I would say for the last five months now, Taylor gets up every single night and crawls in the bed with us.  At first, I thought it was sweet and I didn’t really mind, but now it’s like sleeping with a little ninja.  She twists and turns, kicks, and karate chops both of us all night!! #helltothenawnaw #byefelicia 
And well, this tee just seemed fitting. My jeans are super old but I found similar ones on sale here and here. 
Oh, and wrong face with the shirt, but that’s because the princess was busy getting in a little mid-day beauty rest!  She’s lucky she’s so cute 😉 
// I love this dress from The Loft!  Size way down though, because it runs BIG!  I am wearing the xxs and I still have plenty of room! 

// And remember the baskets I mentioned last week on the blog!?  They are adorable and very well made!  I think I may get a small plant or indoor tree to put in this one. 
And because the Saks sale is really really good here are just a few more of my favorites!! 
6 Shore One Piece– and I love this print too!

Available in three colors and remember to size down as it runs big! 

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  1. JMO says:

    You had me at Lilly Sale but I'm lovin' everything else here as well! Hope ya'll are doing fabulous! xo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cacee-What jeans are you wearing with the sleep deprived shirt?

  3. caycee says:

    Hey girl!! Mine are super old an no longer available, but I just linked to a few similar pair that are currently on sale 🙂

  4. caycee says:

    Thanks gorgeous girl!!! You really are the sweetest!



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