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I can’t believe it is already mid-April!  I am also struggling with the reality of our little Tay bean having her 4th birthday in about two weeks!!!  So cliche, but it really does seem like we just celebrated her first birthday.  Look at the little fuzzy head! 
Last year we threw Taylor a pretty big Peppa Pig party that was so much fun! 
 This year I think we are going to keep things a little more simple with everything we have going on. Taylor has requested to have her party at Mimi and Papa’s (her favorite place in the world) and to have a Paw Patrol cake.  So, that is just what we’ll do. 
// Speaking of everything going on, our house has been approved by the DI ARB and we are now waiting on the permit from the city to start building!!!  And here’s a little peek at the details I got back  from our cabinet designer yesterday.  I couldn’t figure out how to screen shot the entire picture, but to the left will be double windows and a built-in wine bar area!  Ekkk….I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!!! 
// I was flattered and super surprised to receive an email on Monday letting me know that I was included in Top 25 Stylish Instagram Moms.  Thank you so much for the kind words.
// I posted this picture on Instagram Sunday and I know a lot of you were interested in hearing more about this tummy tuck cream.  This is my second week of using it everyday and I can truly tell a real difference!  As many of you know I have tried almost everything to reduce the appearance of my loose skin and stretch marks without much success.  It has been almost two years since I had my mini tummy tuck and I am planning on writing about my thoughts on the procedure and the end results very soon.  I have high hopes that the more I use this cream the better my stomach will look, but regardless, I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.  And clearly I am not the only one loving this cream, as it’s already on backorder!! 

// On a lighter note, Gap Kids has the most ADORABLE spring collection ever!  And right now you can save 35% off with the code STYLE
This sweet top……I die.
And this Giraffe two piece dress is the cutest ever! 
// And last, you guys, how gorgeous is this blouse!?!?  There are only a few sizes left in stock, so I would grab it now if you love it! 

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  1. Miranda says:

    Love that Lilly Enna top…for sizing reference, what size is that. Not sure if I should get XS or S. ALso, how are you loving it? I've heard mixed reviews about it.

  2. caycee says:

    Hey Miranda!! It's the xs, so I would size down if I were you because it's a little boxy! I am still loving mine, but I heard the white is see through!

  3. KnapkeH says:

    I would love to read about your mini tummy tuck experience. I've had 3 boys and my youngest will be 4 in June. I am happy expect for wanting to lose a few lbs and get my middle back in shape. Looking forward to your post!

  4. How are our baby girls 4 already?1 We had a fun popsicle party for SJ last weekend and it was lots of fun! x

  5. JMO says:

    Waaaaah tell me about it on the birthday front! Miss A just turned 1 last week and I'm still in shock! Well deserved on the stylish Mama fo' sho'! Hope you have a fabulous week! Xo


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