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Mar 4, 2010




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Caycee Hewitt


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Finally found the look I love! Tell me what you think? I could not be more excited to work with…………. Emily A. Clark if you haven’t visited her blog please go now!!!!!!!!http://emilyaclark.blogspot.com/!!! I love her work and cant wait to see what we come up with together for our upstairs living room! I know you all are probably thinking dont you have a 1yr old boy!!! YES I know, but nothing but all white will do 🙂 I have tried several times to talk myself out of this, but it just doesn’t work I’m in love, and there is no changing this mind!

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  1. KatiePerk says:

    Oooh what pretty rooms! I know you are excited!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So pretty! I love looking at all of Emily's pretty rooms! Hope your having a great day and can't wait to see how it looks! xoxo

  3. Caycee–I am cracking up that you are talking about this white room in the post after your Wordless Wednesday pictures. Too funny! Hey, you can always wash slipcovers, right?

    Can't wait to work with you. Thanks for the mention 🙂


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