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Mar 5, 2010




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Schedule- One of my favorite words 🙂 If you know me at all you know that I’m a very scheduled person! If you wanted to rob me then all you would have to do is follow me around for like a week ha! Now with that being said I think I’m the busiest SAHM out there hehe! I’m totally kidding! I going to give you the low down on how are weeks look around here…… every morning starts about the same me…. I get up @ 5:30 shower, get ready, and make the bed. Little Carson has been sleeping until 7:00, so I go upstairs with warm bottle of milk in hand, turn on baby Einstein, and change his diaper. Then I lock his gate in his playroom and I’m off to read emails, check blogs, and balance our account. Todd comes home around 7:15 and Carson and I come downstairs…I heat my toast and daddy and Caron eat there oatmeal. Daddy goes to work (upstairs) at 8:00. So that is our morning every morning! Now my mid mornings and afternoons are always different Mon, Wed, and Friday Carson has MMO from 9:45/1:00 So on Mondays and Fridays I go to work at Sprout it is a maternity and Infant boutique in Charleston 🙂 I have been there over 2 years and I love it, what can I say I love pregnant women and babies! I also love my boss Jodi she has become one of my BFFs! So anyway I drop Carson off at school and i go into to work from 10-2 (Todd picks Carson up on those days). It is such a good balance for me and Carson! Tuesday and Thursdays are my true SAHM mom days we just hang out on these days the only thing scheduled are I train with my trainer Tuesdays at 9:30 and Thursdays @ 11:30 while Carson hangs out in the gym nursery with his buddies! Wow sorry this was so long!!! Cant wait to hear your schedules!

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  1. Debbie says:

    I'm mommy to a monkey, too! Well, actually two monkey's now 🙂 It must be WAY too wonderful to work at a baby and maternity boutique! I'd want to work at one not pregnant! Great typical day schedule – I'm one of those scheduly, organized types, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Summer says:

    Hey girly,
    Love your blog! Super cute! Your little monkey is just presh! Oh how I love routine's! I have always been a planner and I have to have a schedule….LOL….

    Hope you have a Happy Friday and a Great Weekend
    Summer :0)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness! Have you read the latest entry in Melissa's blog:

    Melissa's father-in-law died yesterday but Melissa couldn't be bothered to travel with her husband Chad to be with his father, even though they knew he was going to die this week.

    Worse than not being bothered to see her father-in-law, Melissa has been blogging about going shopping, going to lunch with her girlfriends, going to the gym, etc. rather than being at her husband's side.

    Melissa says she can't travel a few hours by car to visit her dying father in law because she is pregnant. What the heck? How can you NOT travel to see your dying father-in-law but you can go to the gym?? go shopping?? and go out to lunch??

    Now Melissa says she can't even be bothered to go to the poor man's funeral. Too busy going to the gym, I guess?

    How many of you girls out there would not go and visit your father-in-law if you knew he only had a few days left on this earth? How many of you would leave your husband alone to watch his father die? How many of you would rather go shopping and go to the gym than go to your father-in-law's funeral?

    I am just astonished at how cold, un-Godly and cruel this woman is. Incredible.

  4. Our days are pretty much the same. Shelton comes at 8, Thomas at school by 9. Walk, errands, children's musuem with the little ones til 12. Pick Thomas up. Home, little ones down from 1-3. Shelton hom by 4. Tues and Thurse sitter comes at 4, I go to spinning at 5:30. Dinner, baths, Bible study one night, Tommy plays soccer on Wes. Thats it!


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