Mimi comes to town

Oct 18, 2010




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This past weekend my mom came and spent the night with us. Carson was over the moon excited to see his Mimi, he gave her the biggest smile when he saw her. My mom and I had such a great time together. We are so much alike and yet so completely different! We only almost killed each other once or twice ha! Even though we can bump heads like know other she is my mom and I would not trade her for anything in the world. She was such a trooper, she got to town Friday morning early and went to the gym and trained with me! Seriously the women is a rock star, she is 49 and I am pretty sure she has not worked out in 30 years, and she killed it at the gym. Let me just also throw in there my mom doesn’t eat very healthy and is a size 2!!!! So not fair!! We had a nice lunch after our workout, some shopping, and a funny movie Friday night! Saturday we took Carson the the Aquarium, and he had the best time all smiles all day! We had so much fun with you Mimi and cant wait for you to come back again soon!!!!!

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