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Jun 10, 2013




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As usual it’s Monday, I am running around like a chicken, my house looks like a bomb went off, and I am struggling to sit down for 5 minutes to get this post written. Tell me I am not alone in the Monday crazies!
It was a fun weekend. Here’s the pictures to prove it.
 Friday night we went to our friends/neighbors and enjoyed pizza and wine. The joys of having awesome neighbors and being able to walk home 😉
Saturday we headed to the beach. We meet our friends and made a day out of it. It was so much fun, but note to self sweet tea vodka taste just like sweet tea. Must watch myself with that next time ha!
My kids are officially beach babies! They love it, and could stay the entire day. Todd always digs them a hole, and I swear it’s the best entertainment ever.
After a long day at the beach we headed to Rita’s to grab some dinner. The wait was kinda long, because of our big crowd. But look how well behaved the kids were. (I am sure Taylor was running around being rowdy as usual).
On Sunday we did a family target trip, and just lounged the rest of the morning. Taylor and I even snuck in a nap while the boys went shopping at the dollar store. After that Todd and I had a babysitter, so we could go on a date. We went to dinner at my favorite Basil, and then to see Hangover 3. We had a great time, and laughed our butts off at the movie. 
Last you get a confession: I have really curly hair, but you wouldn’t know this. I haven’t been in public with my curls in about 8 years, and I am not kidding. Yesterday I was just to tired to blow it out, so I let it air dry. I was going to just toss on a hat, but Todd told me he liked it curly and wanted me to wear it like that. Here are the results. I also have on just bronzer and lip gloss, so excuse the bare face.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I am so freaking jealous of your weekend! But I know what you mean on watching it, especially when you are out in the sun like that!

  2. Letra says:

    Your curls look adorable! I can't believe you haven't worn it out like that in so long. I say let those natural curls shine 🙂


  3. KatiePerk says:

    I love your curly hair! It is too hot here to wear make up! You look beautiful! I like the hole on the beach plan!

  4. Awesome weekend and I love your au naturale look!

  5. donna says:

    You look amazing. Sigh, those abs are to die for. My pooch seems to be here to stay 🙁

  6. Way cute curls! I love them for a beachy, summer look.

  7. Look at you rockin that bikini with that hot bod! You are still an inspiration. Maybe one day I'll look half as good. I love your curls too! I have super straight hair and have always been jealous of those with curls (aka my sister!).

  8. Unknown says:

    Love the curls! You look so young 🙂


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