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Jun 7, 2013




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*You guys have any big weekend plans? We have a couple of fun things, that is pending this crazy weather!
*  Remember this dress I blogged about a few weeks ago? Well it came in, and it’s even more amazing in person. Maybe the most comfortable maxi I own to date.
Speaking of comfortable, these wedges are just that! No really I wore them all last weekend for hours dancing the night away, and no sore feet. Plus I think they are equally as pretty as they are comfortable! (the color I have on are the sander)

*I can not stop thinking about how amazing this corn salad looks! I am thinking we may have to try it this weekend.
* My girl Natalie told me about this really cool kids site called Citrus Lane . I immediately knew Carson would love this, so I signed him right up! How it works is: You choose the age and the sex of the child, they pick out some really cool stuff tailored to that age and gender, and surprise you get a box every month! Carson loves getting surprises in the mail, and lets me honest so do I. I say it’s a win win! Even better if you sign up through this link you get $10.00 off you order. So $15.00 for your first box!!! (good thing is, if this isn’t for you after the first month, you can cancel at anytime).

*On Sunday Todd and I are going on a date. It’s been way too long. We are going old school and doing dinner and a movie. I am being a good wife and going to see the Hangover 3. Truth is I want to see it as much as he does, these movies always crack me up).
Xoxo Happy Weekend!!!!

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  1. Fun! We're hoping to find a sitter and see Hangover 3 on Saturday! I can't wait either! Cute dress and cute shoes! Damn this weather!

  2. Im dying to make that corn salad. Genius idea why don't you and Carson come over next week to play and I will make the corn salad and the Bacon Brie sandwiches:) Love the dress on you!

  3. I can't wait to see that movie!!

  4. Julia Ryan says:

    love that dress a lot. Am I too tall for it?

  5. Lili says:

    skinny hot momma! love the dress on you!

  6. Amy says:

    Don't waste date night on hangover 3. LOVE the first two but this one was a huge disappointment.


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