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Aug 4, 2014




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Why hello Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, here’s a little peek at what we did.
We enjoyed a laid back evening at our park with some neighbors. It was just that, laid back and peaceful. 
We had a Spiderman birthday to attend 🙂 We all had a great time, and the “real” Spiderman even showed up. Carson was a huge fan, Taylor, not so much. 

How cute are these little party favors with the kids monograms on them.

Parker the birthday boys face was priceless, he was so excited about Spiderman!!
Sometimes I forget just how lucky we are to live where we live. There are so many fun things to do with kids in Charleston, heck, with or without kids for that matter. We love the beach so much, if the weather permits that is, 100% where we love to be. But, when the weather is nasty there are really some pretty cool places to go.
Carson has been asking for us all to go to the Aquarium for a while now, but so many times I feel like we have a million things going on or the weather is just too nice to spend the day indoors. Well this Sunday was the perfect day, it was rainy and muggy. 
Taylor and Carson LOVED it. It was so fun watching their sweet faces light up at all the creatures. 

Carson held his first starfish, and if you know my kid, holding any kind of creature is huge 🙂 

Taylor on the other hand, was trying to swim with the stingrays. My children are like night and day.

* For anyone interested in Sunday’s outfit, my dress is from here and bag here

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  1. Dina says:

    I love their little opposite personalities in your photos, T looks like such a little miss spitfire! We were just at the Aquarium and my kids loved it! Fleet Landing was perfect for our large family dinner btw, thank you so much 🙂

  2. looks like a fun weekend. loved the black and white striped dress. I am going towards black, white and gold here lately

  3. We love the aquarium! My oldest was kicking and screaming at the exit the last time we left! That looks like such a fun party and seriously – I'm moving in next door!

  4. BLovedBoston says:

    That last photo is just too sweet!! And that first one is pretty great – "Mommy's Sippy Cup!!"

  5. Your kids are so cute! I went to USC and my aunt lived in Charleston for many years, and I fell in love with the city when I visited for the first time many years ago! I'm hoping to move back down to Charleston in a year!

  6. Unknown says:

    Your kiddos are so adorable, looks like they loved the aquarium and who can blame them!! And I love your "Mommy's sippy cup"…hilarious!

  7. Julia Ryan says:

    Y'all are the cutest!!! xo

  8. AFP says:

    I love Taylor's little shoes!! Are they OLD SOLES? I want to get my little one a new pair but I can't find her size in the gold anywhere. If you have any sources or other similar options it would be greatly appreciated!

  9. caycee says:

    Hey!! No they are Yosi Samra!! they are the cutest I have ever seen, and I love a good gold shoe for baby and toddler girls!
    Here's the exact link to the ones she is wearing.

  10. JMO says:

    The last photo I would definitely frame and I'm totally lovin' your 'mommys sippy cup'!!


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