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Jun 28, 2017




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Good morning everyone!! I finally got my butt in gear and reorganized our entire kitchen. I read the first chapter in The Complete Book of Home Organization, and found it super helpful! I followed most of her process, which is to plan, set up, purge, organize, clean, label, and tidy. I didn’t do as much labeling as she suggested, but that’s because I didn’t think I really needed it for certain things. 
The hardest part for me was planning and figuring out exactly what pieces I really needed to help organize. Once I had inventory of the shapes and sizes of all my cabinets / drawers it was on! I searched the web and read a lot of reviews, and in the end, I was able to find everything I needed. 
After sharing my kitchen organizing journey with you all on my Instastories, I had a lot of requests to show you finished pictures and the sources for my bins and other organizing gadgets. 
Note: These pictures aren’t staged, and are definitely not Pinterest worthy, but my kitchen is organized and I already feel like a new woman! 

Also, these are the markers I used to write on the glass canisters

Some of you asked about my white plates and bowls. They are from World Market, and they have so many quality dining pieces at great prices! 

I just used the two deep drawers underneath my stove to store all of our pots and pans. 
And these pots and pans are amazing!!! 
And then I used the cabinet to the left to store all of the lids, cutting boards, and a few bakeware pieces. 

Sorry for the bad lighting on these photos below…I clearly had my camera on the wrong settings.

Lazy Susan Storage Bins (these things are awesome) 

To organize all of our smaller drawers, I ordered several different sizes of these drawer organizers.

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  1. LOVE an organized kitchen! This is looking so great girl!

  2. sallyr168 says:

    Excellent job – it's just so nice to get a system sorted out that works for you! I would caution against nesting non-stick pans though, they will eventually damage each other. Try the large, thick and soft flower/star-shaped pan protectors that you can get for putting between each item in the stack to prevent this from being an issue.


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