Santa if you’re listening

Dec 2, 2010




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1)Could you please come make my closet look like Megan’s!!!! I am so jealous of this girls home!!!!!

 2) Bring me this purse
 These lovely Tory Burch Flats
 O yes and if you don’t mind one of these babies!
Thanks Todd I mean Santa!
PS. I am totally kidding with all of these things, they would be nice, and I wouldn’t complain! In all seriousness all I want for Christmas is to be with my beautiful family and make precious memories with them!

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  1. Michaela says:

    Haha! So cute. I think everyone in blogland is hoping for a closet like Megans!

  2. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Megans closet is ba-nan-as! I love it! I hope Santa brings you everything on your list! 🙂 Even if you get one thing off of the list it would be awesome!
    PS-I love the Tory Burch shoes!

  3. Girl do we have the same wishlist or what?? We were definately sisters in another life!

  4. Your family is so beautiful- how old is Carson?? I love that pic of him in the tub with the bubbles! And I looove that purse on your wish list- may have to add it to mine too! And thanks for the closet shout out:)

  5. Loving your wish list!

  6. Ahhhhh good taste! I love all of these too! Especially Megan's closet!

  7. Stefanie says:

    Um…. I think my mouth is still open from looking at the closet. That is a serious mom cave! I also LOVE the Tory Burch flats. So chic and timeless.

  8. um yes please, I'll have one of everything!! 🙂 New to your blog, I'm also a 24 yr. old (new) mom to a beautiful 2 mth old boy, Ethan. So happy to meet ya! 🙂


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