Santa, VS top, and a Movie

Dec 3, 2012




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Woza we had a very productive but Fun weekend, didn’t even mean for that to happen.( well not the productive part).
Lets start with the boring productive stuff….we shampooed and clean every carpet in the house….ourselves. That sucked, but it sure looks sparkly and new now!
I also made two homemade dishes on Sunday.(that counts as productive right)?

 Recipes to come on both.
Now on to the fun part.
We saw our first family of four movie at the theater. The Polar Express.
It was a wonderful movie, and Carson was into it the entire time. It was a success. (except for Tay getting a little loud a few times). 

We also made the long awaited visit to Santa!! I know they are mine so naturally I am biases, but seriously is this not the cutest Santa picture ever!
Guess what? I found another must have from Victoria Secret!!!
The look I was going for…….

and my 5’2 version.
That tank is the end all be all of tanks. I seriously have worn it multiple times, and it comes in all different colors. It’s the perfect length for layering under those not quite long enough sweaters with leggings. (they are both cheap too 2 for $40.00)

Have a great Monday friends!

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  1. Your kids look adorable in their santa picture! XO ~Brett

  2. Tess says:

    I love that everyone made it through the first real movie experience! So fun!

  3. Nat says:

    2 homemade dishes is definitely productive! Your kids look so cute and happy in that Santa picture!


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