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Jul 20, 2011




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 We had our great friends/ neighbors Mark and Kat over for dinner last night, and it got me thinking. How great it is to have them in our lives. We met about fours years ago, and I knew from the beginning that we would be great friends forever. I can not even tell you the happiness it brings me to watch our little ones grow together, and to say they were smitten with each other, well I think you can see that by the pictures 😉 Mark and Kat just welcomed a sweet baby boy Landon to the world, and we couldn’t be more happier for them. They are such great parents, and Logan is such a wonderful big sister! So not to jinx myself or that I am playing match maker with my two year old, but it would be quit alright with me if these two stay this close forever ha! We love you sweet Logan!

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  1. Oh my gosh! They are so cute! What adorable pictures you have 🙂 And how cute would these be to show at their wedding? 😉 haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such cute babies! Looks like lots of fun!

  3. Jen says:

    Hi! Saw your playroom redo on Brooklyn Limestone! Fabulous! I love your blog. You have a precious family!




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