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Jul 27, 2011




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Woza, guys! The Hewitt family got hit with the stomach bug again! It gets me every time, seriously I just had it two weeks ago! Todd, praise the Lord didn’t get it, but my poor baby did. Carson is rarely ever sick, so I forget how hard it is to watch your sweet baby not feeling good! I do have a couple special recipes to share with you guys though! I got all fancy last week, and homemade a complete dinner for our family and our sweet neighbors who just welcomed a new baby boy Landon! I did snap a few pictures, but of course none of it all together!
First on the list (my personal favorite)

I also made (which were also delish)!!
 (A little proof, that I did it all ha)!
And last but not least these amazing, wait for it…….
I highly recommend you try these babies!
I did do a pork tenderloin with onions and peppers too! Its as easy as it looks take it out of the pack toss in you vegs, and bake on 425 for 45 min!

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  1. All of that food looks incredible! I'm sure it will be much appreciated. I neeeeed to make those cupcakes! 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Those recipies look great and so do you!! Have you lost a bit more weight since your "Goal" post? I'm really enjoying your blog!!


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