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// It’s officially day nine for Todd and I on Whole 30 and I can honestly say it’s getting easier, plus, we both feel amazing!! I’m planning on sharing all of the recipes from last week on the blog tomorrow, but I had to share this one today. It is seriously my favorite breakfast so far!  
// There’s nothing better than a lazy morning with a good book and your pup. I ended up finishing the book Without Merit last night. It was really good, but a totally different writing style than I’m used to from Colleen Hoover. Another book review will be coming soon because I have quite a few books that I’ve read and haven’t shared with you guys yet. And speaking of books, I would love any recommendations you guys may have! 
// Saturday’s OOTD. Man I love a good velour tracksuit, and I must say, I think this one is pretty darn cute 🙂 For sizing reference, it runs kinda small and I’m wearing the small. 

2-Piece Velour Track Suit (under $40) // Faux Suede Cap (50% off) //
Cepa Sneaker (normally a 6.5, but ordered a 7)

// Thank y’all so much for all of the game recommendations over the weekend! I’m planning on going through and writing them all down today, and if y’all would like, I’ll be happy to share them on here as well. This weekend, we ended up grabbing Yeti in Spaghetti, Sorry, and Uno Delux. And of course, all of these were cheaper on Amazon than in the store, so that is where I’ll be buying the rest of them. 
// On Friday evening, we went over to our neighbors for a game night and to hang out! It was freezing outside so I tossed on this new cozy sweater, which is currently 50% off. 

Cut-out V-Neck Sweater (50% off) // Jeans (only $64)  // Booties

I mean, how perfect are these booties y’all!!? 

// On Saturday afternoon, we took the kids to see Paddington 2. It was super cute and I actually though it was better than the first one!  But holy crap, smelling the buttered popcorn was BRUTAL!!
// I am loving my new essential oil diffuser. I’ve had this one for a while now, and while it was great, I wanted one that could mist all day long. And for anyone wondering, these are the diffusers that my kiddos have in their room and they are awesome! 
// Yesterday, Todd took the day off for MLK Day and hung out with us! We ended up meeting some of our friends/neighbors for some bowling fun! I’ve always been horrible at bowling and yesterday proved that nothing has changed…ha! 

// Taylor and her buddy playing kitchen. And proof that my house is NOT always clean…haha!!
What I wore yesterday! Coziest vest ever, and it actually keeps you warm too! 
North Face Vest // Funnel Neck Tunic (under $40) // Jeans (45% off) 

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  1. Anne says:

    Have you heard of Movie Pass? It's a monthly subscription service ($9.95/month) and you can see 1 movie a day for free. It's legit. I live in Greenville and it's available in our area–you can check on the website to see if it's in Charleston (I'm sure it is). My husband and I both signed up for an account–so for $20 a month (and hello that's less than the cost of both of us to go to a movie on a Friday night) we can see unlimited movies, once per day. Of course we aren't going to go to the movies everyday, but I could see us going at least once a week. The subscription is non transferable, which is why we both downloaded the App and signed up for 2 separate accounts. The FAQ section on the website explains how it works. Can't wait to make the hot cereal recipe this week….I'm doing Paleo and a little tired of eggs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel Emily says:

    I haven't ventured away from eggs for breakfast during this Whole30 yet but that recipe looks too good to pass up! Those oils and diffuser are such reasonable price points, I may have to finally jump on the oil bandwagon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can't wait for the book review. I'm in need of some new books to read!


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