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Apr 14, 2022




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It’s been a little while since I’ve done a this and that post, so here’s a current brain dump and a little of what we’ve been up to! 
// I am so excited to take the kids to the Boone Hall strawberry festival tomorrow!! I am pretty sure we are just going to take Tay and Carson, because they have a lot of bigger rides this year that Reese wouldn’t be able to ride. And fingers crossed there will still be strawberries to pick, I think the cold messed up a lot of the berries this year, but hopefully the sun and warm weather are bringing some of them back! 

// I am pretty sure this dog thinks that he is a human. This is how I walked into the kitchen to find him this morning… Oh Bandit thank you for keeping us all laughing!

// If you get one maxi dress this summer let it be this one. I now have it in three prints, and I am about to order a fourth, it’s that good! 

// It’s pretty much a nightly routine now that Todd and Taylor go “bullfrog catching” It’s truly the cutest thing ever watching these two together, and the stories they have when they come back are the best!! And even though we do let her bring them home for one night, she knows she has to let them go the next morning! I’ll have to show you guys on Instastories the different homes she has set up for them on our porch and in our backyard! 

// Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale!!! I never go crazy with this sale because a lot of brands Shopbop carries are out of my price range, and even with the discount it still doesn’t seem worth it! But there are a few brands and staple items that I like to grab while this sale is going on! And I didn’t place my order until a few hours ago, so I can’t report on fit yet, but I will when everything arrives!


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