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UPF 50+ Ruffle Butt Stripe Swimsuits 

I am DYING at how adorable this swimsuit is, and I absolutely LOVE this brand!!! And best part it comes in Reese’s size and Taylor’s as well! 

Wooden Magnet Painting Craft 

I am always looking for magnets to hang the girls awards and artwork, so not only will we have more magnets, this will also gives the girls something fun to craft… hopefully together 🙂 

27 Pack Bubble Wands 

Reese is at the age where she LOVES bubbles, but it is still a little hard for her to get the bigger wands in and out of the long tubes. So, I am thinking she is going to LOVE these!! 

77 Piece Fishing Lure Kit 

I was shocked at how amazing the reviews were for this big set of lures, but Carson loves to fish and goes through them like crazy, so I know he’s going to love this! 

Charm Bracelet Making Kit 

Taylor just bought this with “her Christmas money” and you guys I was so surprised at how freaking nice everything was in the set!! I can not recommend this enough, and it’s such a great gift for a huge age range! 

20 Piece Paint Brush Set 

I have actually bought this exact set for Taylor, and they are amazing brushes especially for the price! And because we are now at the age of “I must have everything sissy has” I currently have another set on the way to me! 

The Ultimate Skip Ball Set 

If you know then you know about these skip balls… not sure who’s more excited about these coming in, Todd or Carson! And this is such a great price for two skipping balls and a skipping disk! 

 Indoor/Outdoor Critter Barn 

I am pretty sure I have told you guys about Taylor’s obsession with frogs and lizards, and right now we have random buckets galore with makeshift lids outside! So I am hoping this will not only keep things cleaner outside, but also be a better place for her “pets” to live 🙂 

Kids Beach and Sand Playset 

Ages almost 10 and 2 and surprisingly both girls still love the sandbox. Taylor is way more into making detailed sand cakes, and Reese just like smashing them, so I thought this set would be fun for both ha! But the price is so good and I can’t be sure they will want to share all the pieces so I am going on the safe side and ordering two of them!! 

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