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I hope all you had a wonderful weekend!  And to all my mother’s out there, I hope you all had an awesome Mother’s Day!! 
// If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably noticed that we headed back home to continue the celebration for our big FOUR year old with the family!!  It still sounds crazy every time I say that number out loud. 
We kept things pretty simple this year with just the family.  And little miss Taylor, well, she was all smiles the whole time!  There is nothing more this child loves than going to see both of her Mimi’s and Papa’s, and getting to see all her cousins…it’s for sure her happy place. 
Taylor LOVES Paw Patrol, so she was very giddy when she saw her cake and Piñata. 

It was hilarious watching the kids try to get the candy out of the Piñata. 
 I am guessing they make these things a lot more sturdy than they used to because they broke the stick and still had no candy…ha! 
And I am not sure what it is about a big mountian of dirt, but this was by far their favorite activity!  I am pretty sure they would have been happy playing on it all day if we would have let them. 

It was a great day celebrating our sweet girl! 
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// On Mother’s Day, we spent the morning with my parents and then we hit the road to get back to Charleston.  We got back around noon and decided (since it was such a gorgeous day) that we would hit Sullivan’s with one of our favorite families, the Shealy’s. 
Thank goodness for our beach wagon, because it was quite a walk to the beach from where we parked! 
But I didn’t mind the walk, because I had the chance to drool over gorgeous homes like this one!
Taylor in her own little world twirling around in her “ballerina swimsuit” as she calls it 🙂 
Me and my little man enjoying some beach snuggles and showing off his newly lost front tooth!! 
And we ended the beach day the best way….with yummy Mexican and delicious margaritas at Taco Mamacita!

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  1. Unknown says:

    This just sounds like the most perfect Mother's Day ever! And how fun to have family time for Taylor's birthday, especially with a big mountain of dirt :). I'm slowly learning what Paw Patrol is along with Peppa the Pig and other kiddie shows, man it's a whole new world!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  2. Bobbi says:

    I think you have a pull string piñata. The kids take turns pulling the strings until finally the bottom falls out. Although, you would think if they beat it enough, it would still break at some point.�� Looks like a great weekend; hard to believe how fast they grow! ❤️


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