Thoughts on Friday… results I’ve seen with the tummy tuck and boob job cream

May 6, 2016




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Since I just mentioned ‘tummy tuck’ and ‘boob job’ in the title of this post, it just seems fitting to start there…haha!! 
My stomach is by far my biggest insecurity, and I feel like I have tried just about everything to fix it, including a mini tummy tuck and dozens of gels and creams.  And still, with all of this, I have seen minimal results.  I actually have my two year follow up with the plastic surgeon next week, and we will finally take my before and after pictures.  
I am very eager to see the pictures and share my thoughts on this surgery after two years, but today I want to tell you guys about this new Super fit tummy tuck gel I’ve been using.  After only three weeks of applying this stuff morning and night, I can see the biggest difference I have seen yet.  My stomach is still no where near perfect, and I can still visibly see my stretch marks, but they look so much better.  My stomach feels so much tighter and my stretch marks look less visible than they ever have before.  I am hopeful that the longer I use this, the better my stomach will look, but either way, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted! 
Now, moving right along to the Super fit boob job cream.  While I don’t mind the size of my smaller chest, my boobs aren’t exactly perky any more.  I don’t really know how to explain it, but let’s just say it’s like they have no life to them.  I know you mama’s that have nursed probably know exactly what I am talking about, and I know this is going to sound completely crazy, but I swear this cream helps bring them back to life.  I’ve been using this now for two weeks, applying it in the morning, and my boobs feel more firm and slightly perkier than they have since I had Carson.  In the reviews here, most of these women say they can tell a difference in size as well, but I can’t say I’ve reached that point just yet. 
Swimsuit  (15% off with code MOTHERLOVE16)// Shorts 
 Now that we’ve talked about the elephant in the room, let’s get back to a some lighter thoughts 😉
// We are heading home to celebrate Taylor’s birthday with family this weekend!  We are throwing Taylor a small Paw Patrol pool party at my parents on Saturday, complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots of presents!! 
Of course we already let her open most of the presents from us on her actual birthday.  She’s been having so much fun with her new obsession, the Calico Critters!  And I’ve gotta admit, I am also enjoying playing with these cute little critters and all their fun accessories 😉  My parents are giving her the townhouse for the critters this weekend and I know she is going to flip out when she opens it! 
// This past Tuesday, I attended a Stella and Dot trunk show downtown at MOSA boutique.  I had not been in this boutique before, but now that I have I will surely stop in more often!  Sarah Cobb (the owner) carries some of my favorite brands, like Cooper and Ella, Velvet, and Blank Denim.  And y’all, they have couches, flat screen tv’s, and a bar in the back!  I think this is probably one place I could convince Todd to actually shop with me 🙂  After I bought some pretty new jewels, I headed out with these pretty ladies for dinner and a cocktail at Little Jacks Tavern.  Dinner was so good!  If you go, you have to get the mini burger. 
What I wore // 

Dress (for sizing reference, I am wearing the xs) // Clutch // Bracelet 

Happy Friday, y’all.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Alie says:

    I just love that Calico critters set! I'm just examining those tiny accessories and furniture over the clothes this time! Taylor should have a mini tea party with friends when she gets the townhouse. Me thinks mini petitfores cut in little slices! Have a great weekend. And Happy Mother's Day! 🙂


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