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Jul 28, 2015




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// Our new bedding arrived from the Nordstrom sale!!  You guys, the quality will blow you away!! This picture is right after I washed it and pulled it out the dryer!  I can’t describe to you how beautiful the detail is!!  It’s such a great price with the sale!!

Juju hat is from here!!  Such a great seller to work with and the craftsmanship is top notch! 
// We spent last Saturday over on Daniel Island.  It was insanely gorgeous outside, and Todd and I (well, really just me) were dying to check out a new section that is being built over near Symthe Park. Holy dream neighborhood you guys!!  While we don’t have plans to move right away, it’s still really fun to check out all the areas in Charleston.  There are so many beautiful places to live here, and to be quite honest, it’s a little overwhelming!  The main thing we loved about the island is that everything is walking distance, or I should say, golf cart distance 🙂  The thought of walking Taylor and Carson to school kinda tugs at my heartstrings y’all 🙂  The thing we didn’t love, besides the price tags on some of the homes;), was the lack of yard space.  I am talking tiny, tiny!  But anyway, here’s a few pictures from our day! 
We enjoyed some yummy food at The Islander, and boy, was it delicious!! 

Played at some really cool parks! 

 Both kids got hair cuts 🙂  And the girls at the salon were the sweetest! 
Carson’s was so long!!! 

I told Todd I would be perfectly content with this beauty 🙂 Haha!! A girl can dream right! 
Oh my sweet stars that kitchen!
And that sunset from the backyard isn’t to shabby either 😉
// Anthropolgie is currently offering free shipping on all orders.  Use code HAPPYDAY!!!  Plus, you can save an additional 20% off the entire sale!! 
Here are a few of my favorites from the sale section! 

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  1. Holy kitchen! That is GORGEOUS!! A girl can dream :)…

  2. Really random but I love your lamps!

    And that kitchen is so pretty. How nice would that be to cook in?!


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