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Aug 7, 2013




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Ya’ll like the way I switched up the title on you today? I think wishing sounds a little bit nicer than wanting, but lets be honest I want all the shiz I am about to throw at you! So here we go!!
You guys didn’t think with all this fall talk I was done with my maxi obsession did you? After seeing this one, the answer to that question is definitely a negative! I mean come on it’s still hot as hades outside. 
(plus she’s only $74.00) 

I had never heard of these shoes before, but one of my neighbors who has the best dressed children ever had them on her little girl. I about died, they were so cute! They seriously are the most perfect little gold shoe. I ordered these yesterday for Taylor, and cant wait to put them on her little feet 😉
(Use code SHOES15 and get these for $35.00 +FS)

Betsey Johnson pump
I mean if baby girl gets shoes, then mama wants some too. No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you this is a pump with scalloped sides! I kinda love them so much I want every color!

Slim Illusion Dress
Doesn’t the title of this dress just make you want to purchase it? No really, I am really loving a more fitted dress these days. I think this one will be perfect for an upcoming engagement party we have. How pretty is the back?

Robinson Tory Burch iPhone case
I love, love my Tory Burch iPhone case! I do like to switch it up ever so often though. Thinking this will be the next one I purchase. That design is amazing!

360 stripe sweater
I can’t enough of stripes this year. How great would this sweater be right now paired exactly like the model with jean shorts, then carried into fall with skinny jeans?
(plus it just got marked down from $165.00 to $70.00)

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  1. That iphone case is so tempting. My 4th case was just broken by a cute, curly headed little girl. Sadly, I think I'm going to have to resort to the Otter Box. 🙁

  2. I love that iPhone case! Might need to pick it up 🙂


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