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Oct 9, 2013




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*I wanted to start this post off with an apology for yesterday’s post and anyone I offended with it. It was not my intentions to come off self-centered and ungrateful. I was just having an off day,and honestly wondered your opinions on the whole “your happiness vs your thoughts”. Again I feel very blessed and I am very thankful for this wonderful life I have been given, and should not have complained over something so silly. I am truly sorry.
How beautiful is this sweater dress? I am obsessed with both colors, but seriously leaning towards the neutrals . At $61.00 I just can’t pass her up.

You already know I am a huge fan of any animal print, but how cool is this one? I love that you have to look real close but can totally see the animals head mixed in the print.

If you have been looking for the perfect black pump, well look no further. I mean the leather and the genuine calf-hair…..I die. Plus we all know Sam Edelman makes the perfect shoe every time.

Taylor is going to have to have these jammies. Are you kidding me baby zebra’s in pink!!! Plus they are 20% off right now, as is everything on their site. Serena and Lily is currently having their friends and family sale, so go stock up on all the good stuff. Use code HEART20 to save 20% off everything in stock!!! Their crib sheets and storage baskets are always a favorite of mine.
They had me at suede. I adore the style of this jacket and the fact it’s not leather. Don’t get me wrong I love a leather jacket as much as the next girl, but I think this is such a fun and different look. How amazing would it look with that top dress?!

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  1. LOVE those jammies!!

    Caycee, I just had to say that I don't think you needed to apologize for your post yesterday. First because this is YOUR blog and you should be able to say and feel how you want without judgement. Second, sometimes we all have moments that make us want to scream and when we later reflect, we realize it isn't the end of the world. But we still deserve that initial moment to freak out! Lastly, we women are harder on one another than we should be. Every person is in her own place and there's no point in being judgmental. My mom worked full time and even when my parents didn't have 2 nickels to rub together, they still had a cleaning person (who also did laundry) because it made my mom less stressed (so they saw the value). Now that she's retired, they continue to have cleaning people because my mom stinks at cleaning and doing laundry! Don't let one person's comments make you change the way you share yourself on your blog! xo

  2. I am with Meg you don't need to apologize haters gonna hate. Being a stay at home mom is hard. Love those zebra pjs we need to buy them for the girls.

  3. Jill says:

    no one ever needs to apologize for having a bad day!! We are all entitled to bad days, that does not mean we are selfish, spoiled or ungrateful….it means we are human!!

    get the sweater dress in color, love it!!

  4. Laura says:

    Cute finds as always! That's big of you to apologize. The thing is though, you can be a billionaire and still have a bad day! No matter how many blessings you have you are entitled to have bad days too. It does help me to think though that someone else would be thrilled to have everything I have when I start to feel ungrateful.

  5. Mary says:

    Seriously? Someone commented? Please! Everyone is entitled to their bad day, yes some problems are mild in comparison, but in that moment, it was big! Once my dishwasher broke had if fixed and it broke two weeks later. I called my husband like a lunatic and went out and got a new one that day ! I could have of course washed by hand which is what a lot of people do everyday, but I overreacted and freaked out. People always comment about me (behind my back) because I have a lot of nice things and am a SAHM. The motto in my house is we work hard and play harder. My kids are older but I had a sitter every weekend and I have no regrets. Strong marriage strong family! Don't change you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think you are sweet to apologize…. But I don't think it was absolutely necessary. I read your post and I could have been offended. I am a SAHM who works part-time every morning. I am my own cleaning lady, and am frequently drowning in mountains of laundry. I can't remember the last girls brunch I got to attend. I guess I could be mad at you for "complaining" when you have "everything". But here's the thing, just because you "have it all" are you never supposed to have a bad day? Never supposed to be frustrated or anxious? Are you supposed to cover all that up and only ever just be happy because you have it so good? To expect that of you is silly – and unrealistic. You are human like the rest of us. And we should hold you to no higher standard just because you have a cleaning lady and luxury car. That being said, we could ALL (myself included) stand to have a more balanced perspective on our lives. Cleaning lady or not, we all have a lot to be thankful for. And I agree with what you were saying about how it all starts with our thoughts – the less room we allow negativity, the more room there is for thankfulness.

    So, on a positive note…. I am in love with that jacket you posted. Watch out, we may end up being twins at the park this winter 😉

  7. What? Don't apologize girl. Your blog is a little snapshot of your life and no one knows what really goes on during the other 23 hours of your day. You are grateful and everyone who knows you knows that. Even the most blessed and lucky people have bad days. As I said yesterday, we're all human. At least you're keeping it real and not acting like you have a perfect day, every day. Now that's annoying!!!

  8. Emily Clark says:

    Don't apologize! We all deserve a good whiny day every now and then. People that complain about you complaining have nothing better to do.

  9. caycee says:

    Thank you Mary!! Haha that dishwasher story sounds just like something I would do 😉 I love your motto girl 😉

  10. caycee says:

    Thank you so much for saying this Jill!! Makes me not fill so bad 🙂

    ps I think I might just have to get that dress now too 😉

  11. Jodi says:

    It's your blog, you can say what you want! No need to apologize.

  12. Unknown says:

    That dress is fabulous! I LOVE IT! And don't apologize…we all need a little perspective every now and then, but we all need a little vent too. No worries, sweetie. xoxo http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  13. Unknown says:

    OK OK…now I have to be mad at you. I totally just purchased the sweater in multi…my wallet didn't need that right now, but I coudn't resist! LOL

  14. as usual, i love your finds!! and i love reading your blog!!!

  15. liz says:

    We all have our bad days and the smallest things can set us off, I totally understand.

    Since you love animal prints so much, you should check these leopard print corduroy pants out. They are a very fine whale cord and are sooo cute in person. FYI, the kids 16 fits like a 4 (plus they aren't too long for us shorties). I also got them in the green b/c you just can't beat the price.


  16. Lucy says:

    I agree, no need to apologize! Everyone is allowed to have an off day and complain about the little things!

  17. Keely says:

    I agree haters gonna hate, sad but true…We all have bad days, thanks for sharing and being NORMAL. Thats why we all fall your blog! Hope today is a better day for you!!!

  18. Brandi says:

    You shouldn't apologize. We all have bad days and need to vent. Motherhood, being a wife….NO, being an adult is hard!!! I have a cleaning lady come once a week, I don't feel guilty at all!!! Have a fab day!

  19. Sarah Vicars says:

    I don't think you were being ungrateful or self centered at all! I appreciate your honesty and it's honestly refreshing. As a mom I know we all get down and have down days or even periods of time that are tough. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one that struggles from time to time. Keep the posts coming girl! I love em!! Hope your week is getting a little better too. 🙂

  20. Tess says:

    I read your blog daily, you have no need to apologize. You are normally very upbeat, so you deserve a day to vent. I think it shows just how real/normal you actually are… and personally I like that. Yes, you have a cleaning lady but you still have issues and are not afraid to throw those out there too. Keep your head up girl. 🙂

  21. caycee says:

    feel not fill opps 😉

  22. caycee says:

    Awe thank you Tess!!! You are always so sweet!

  23. caycee says:

    Thank you for saying this Sarah! Being a mom is hard, and I am glad to know you ride the same boat I do sometimes 😉 xoxo

  24. caycee says:

    Thanks Lucy 😉

  25. caycee says:

    Thanks for understanding 🙂 And thanks for the pant tip off to check them out now!!

  26. caycee says:

    Thank you girl 😉

  27. caycee says:

    Thank you Jodi!

  28. allegra says:

    Ok, girl my heart breaks cause I know that stings when people are mean. I got a comment awhile back on one of my posts saying something along the lines of " I can't believe you're complaining about your linoleum floors. So selfish people these days." I wasn't complaining really– just noticing how awful the STAINED floors were in our old Seattle rental house. Not that they were linonleum or that I'm better than linoleum, but that no matter how hard I scrubbed, they always looked dirty since they were the original floors from like the 30's!!! Hello people. It's a hard thing because if you're always upbeat and "my life is so great"…. you get ridiculed from people saying you're not "real" and "someone they can relate too." But if you're too negative or complain about your hard days, then you're the "most selfish person and a brat." So really, those who are jealous and sad can never be pleased so don't even let it bother you for ONE second. Ok promise?! And those that are happy and have goodess wouldn't even think to hold it against you, let alone call you out on it on your own blog. They don't have to read it. And they sure as heck shouldn't make mean comments about it. This is YOUR journal. Anyway, just wanted to say that you're wonderful and a great mom and person and I actually like to hear about people's bad days! Makes me feel like I'm not a failure all the time:) Keep your chin up cute girl

  29. allegra says:

    Oh and I also got an email once from someone so upset that I would post a pic of our new house on instagram…. saying I was so inconsiderate to others' circumstances. It totally hurt cause I am NOT a boastful person and work hard for everything I have. Sorry that some random person I've never met has to call me out on a house picture, when I wasn't even posting it for you anyway lady. I was posting it for friends and family requesting to see it… and who love and care about me. We worked hard to get where we are and what's wrong with celebrating some joys now and again? Those who get offended or jealous of others shouldn't be on blogs or social media. Those who judge make me sad. Ok that is all. Just had to let you know you're not alone in your bad days and sorry people pick on you. I know the feeling and it's no fun.

  30. Amy says:

    Girl don't apologize. We all feel that way from time to time. People that say they don't are full of shit.

  31. you should not apologize at all!!! Being a mother is the hardest job in the world and even if you weren't a mother, we all are human and have rough days/times in our lives when it seems like the dark cloud keeps following us!! No on has the right to say that just because you don't "work" you aren't allowed to have some bad days. ugh, some people!! Let this be your place to vent and seek advice, we all need it! I do try to go to church more when that black cloud does follow me though haha 😉 hope your days turn around momma!

  32. Brandi says:

    I don't normally comment on blogs often, but just wanted to say that a few of the comments on your post yesterday were ridiculous and rude. It's your blog and you are allowed to vent anytime you want. Being a stay at home mom is hard work! Keeping a positive attitude can only go so far. We all have our hard days, and anyone who says otherwise is not being totally honest! Love your blog…keep up the honesty and fun!

  33. There's absolutely no need to apologize for being open & honest about your feelings. This blog is an outlet for you to express yourself freely & anyone who has a problem with that probably shouldn't be reading blogs period. I love that you're brave enough to express what you're feeling in a public forum whether its good or bad. Let's face it, we're all human & life isn't always sunshine & roses. No matter how blessed we are we all have days when we're negative Nellys. That doesn't mean that you don't appreciate & aren't grateful for all of the things God has provided for you. Like you said, it was an off day & you have every right to express your true feelings without being worried about whether or not you're offending someone. Stay true to yourself & screw the rest!… & I'm not sorry for saying that.

  34. Erin says:

    Caycee, you do NOT need to apologize for feeling down and having the courage to say so. Even the most blessed of people have days when they simply don't feel happy. That is okay and that is real! I want to say thank you for for sharing that you had a down day. Keep your chin up girl! Haters gonna hate 🙂

  35. Jen says:

    I have never commented on one of your posts before but I HAVE to on this topic. I am completely APPALLED at the fact people thought it was okay to make you feel bad about an already bad day. Any one of us could have better or worse circumstances but that is so not the point. It makes me sad (and MAD!) to think you can't vent your feelings on your own blog. You have every right to have a bad day and to talk about it, you certainly aren't saying your bad days are worse than anyone else's. I much prefer to see people be honest and real about their hard days than to act like everything is roses and sunshine. As a fellow stay at home mama, I feel so blessed to get to be with my children but that doesn't make any of the more difficult days any easier 🙂 Hang in there girl, and you keep doing you.

  36. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Unknown says:

    Caycee I have read your cute blog for a while and find you to be refreshingly real and honest and downright hilarious! So I can only imagine in person just how funny you must be. I did not see any 'haters' hating yesterday, I observed people offering perspective which is what was requested so I am actually saying this to many of the commenters here….if you read the comments they were not nasty or snarky. They seemed to be offered in a genuine spirit of saying be thankful for what you have. A lesson we All need!


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